Melitzanosalata - a great source of vitamins and minerals

This is a healthy, hearty, delicious greek dip that eggplant near me as its main ingredient. Eggplant is a very versatile vegetable that greeks have enjoyed for years.

It has a similar texture to tomatoes; which makes it great for roasting, soups, stewing, and barbecuing.

Greeks are very health conscious, and aware of what they put in their bodies.

Eggplants near me provide so many health benefits. Here are seven health benefits to eating health benefits near me.

1. An extensive source of vitamins and minerals

Vitamin C

Vitamin K

Vitamin B6







2. Helps with digestion

3. It improves heart health

Fiber helps reduce the amount of cholesterol that your body absorbs.

4. Helps prevent cancer

Antioxidants are one of the human bodies best defenses against cancer. Having a high amount of antioxidants in your body goes a long way with protecting organs. 

5. Improves bone health

The compound that creates the deep gorgeous dark purple coloring is linked to reducing the ability to get osteoporosis; it strengthens bones, and increases bone density. 

6. Prevents Anemia

Not getting enough iron in your diet can be very dangerous to your health. In some cases, iron deficiency can result in anemia, which is characterized by a general feeling of tiredness and weakness caused by not having enough healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout your body. Eating foods like eggplant that are high in iron can help combat health conditions like anemia.

7. Increases brain function

Eggplants are rich in natural chemicals called phytonutrients, which have been known to improve mental health. This benefit is a result of increased blood flow throughout the body and into the brain. By delivering more blood to the brain, phytonutrients help boost memory by stimulating your neural pathways to develop.

Only a few ingredients are needed to create this dip..



Lemon Juice

Olive Oil

The Melitzanosalata is a healthy greek eggplant near me that tastes great, and goes well with warm pita bread. If your taste buds are telling you that it's time for a healthy greek eggplant dip. Click here to find a Great Greek Mediterranean Grill near you.