The History of the Gyro

For most the gyro is just some pita bread with some meat in it. Nothing more and nothing less.

Gyro comes from the word gheerozo which means turn. It's a pretty difficult word to pronounce so it's gyro for short

This will shed on the history and the origins of a history filled sandwich. Before I get into the history of the sandwich. To all of the gyro lovers who are reading this, mark your calendars for the date of September first. That is national gyro day. It's a day where lovers near me can congratulate, congregate, and communicate with one another about this Mediterranean national treasure. 

This sandwich is the poster child of greek fast foods.Legend has it that in 1922 the gyro near me was created and the rest is history. At the time the Armenian were the most skilled at making these delicious pita sandwiches. It's a debate (a heated debate) about if that is still the case. Past world war two people migrated, settled, and called new lands home. With the shifting and relocation the sandwich called new places home also.

Greek sandwich shops popped up all over Europe and Australia. Gyros grew in popularity and is now a worldwide mainstay in the food culture. It's many different ways to create the sandwich; many have their own special way of creating it. Pretty cool that the gyro near me is coming up on a hundred years of being in existence.

Local variations of gyros near me are countless throughout Greece, with every region claiming the authentic taste of gyros.

Whatever the version of them that you like, one thing is for sure: Gyros are a must-eat dish for anyone visiting Greece!

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