Tzatziki Near Me

Yogurt has been in our grocery isles, our fridges, and in our lives for generations.

Nobody really knows where yogurt originated from. Most suspect it was created in Iran or India.

Our apologies for not having that information for you. However I can tell how it was originally made; Yogurt was first created by leaving milk in the sun to thicken and ferment. As timeless as of a food as it is; yogurt production has only been in existence for a hundred years or so (1919).

Yogurt is viewed as a superfood. 

It's extremely high in calcium. A single serving accounts for half of your daily intake.

It also helps….

Strengthen your bones and teeth

With the heart

Regulate the nervous system

Besides the calcium benefits of eating yogurt; there are other health benefits as well.

1. High in protein

2. A benefit for digestive system - If you are a person who has some issues with digestion yogurt maybe a food to consider.

3. Helps with strengthening your immune system

If you are a person who is lactose intolerant, or are allergic to milk. Yogurt in its purest form isn't what you should be consuming. Food substitutes have come such a long way. Food scientists have created alternatives that were not always available. Yogurt is still an option where taste isn't sacrificed much, but the preventive measures have been put in place where you will not get sick.

Traditional and greek yogurt are made with the same ingredients. However the greek version has more protein, less sugar, but a much thicker consistency than it's traditional counterpart.

Because greek yogurt is so thick it provides more versatility. It's been known to be mixed with fruit, used as a salad dressing, dressed over a gyro. Simply put the options are endless; this delicious tzatziki near me is made up of only a few ingredients…

Strained yogurt




Olive oil

Red wine vinegar


Lemon juice

Yogurt has been so good to us, and it's so good for us. Tzatziki near me is great by itself or complimenting something that you may be eating. If your taste buds are longing for Tzatziki click here to find a mediterranean greek grill near you.